Pathology and Laboratory Services

Cutting Edge Technology:

We are continuing to expand our test menu and acquiring cutting edge technologies to enhance our diagnostic capabilities and refine our diagnosis. These changes ensure that your patients/employees are receiving the most accurate and reliable diagnosis available. Recently, we have added in house testing for Immunohistochemistry and have branched into molecular testing with the addition of the Cervista HR HPV test for the detection of high risk HPV. Also we will be offering additional molecular based assays for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea as well as new amplification technologies for the detection and diagnosis of Candida, Trichomonas and Gardinerella infection of the female genital tract.

Document Delivery:
Our new laboratory information system gives us the ability to offer you customized document delivery. We offer secure, HIPAA-compliant online reporting so you can retrieve your reports anywhere you have an Internet connection. You can even retrieve them on your iPhone or compatible hand held device if you choose. We give you access to your reports on line for a running 12 month period. The system is very robust, quick and easy to navigate. In many cases retrieving your patients report document online will be faster than pulling the patients chart. We have also added the capability to automatically download reports to your office computer system so you can print and review them at your leisure. We are also able to interface into your EMR so reports can be uploaded directly into your patients electronic medical record. This will eliminate lost or misplaced Fax reports and decrease the amount of paper cluttering up your valuable office space. We can also accept electronic test orders from the order entry software of your EMR. We have several customers who are currently set up with us in this way and have been pleased with the ease of use and efficiency this service provides them..


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