Medical History Keychain

The Care Medical History Keychain allows you to carry all your medical and emergency contact information with your keys!  It can carry emergency information like drug prescriptions (to avoid drug interactions), list a specific medical condition (such as Diabetes or Alzheimer’s), emergency contact information (including your photo), doctor’s name, insurance information and more!  In case of an emergency or if you are incapacitated, EMTs can see the medical alert symbol on your keychain and know right away that it contains emergency medical information. The keychain contains no latex. It’s designed so that the USB port folds into the keychain and it is waterproof!

It is perfect for a loved one, anyone with a medical condition, caregivers, athletes, business travelers as well as parents who want to leave their children’s emergency and medical information with a babysitter.

Store your general contact information, list allergies, family and social history, health history, medications, diagnostic data, health tests and immunizations. On the general information page you can even add a photo!

It works by simply inserting the keychain with preloaded software, which can be read in English or Spanish, into your computer and entering your information. The software is easy to navigate and can hold information for either yourself or your entire family! Once you’ve entered the information into your computer just download it onto your bracelet and you are ready to go.

Available in Black, Blue, Green or Red.


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